Volunteer Policy

Sunrise of Life has the goal of “fostering sustainable futures for vulnerable children.”  Because of concerns with short-term volunteers, Sunrise of Life has the following qualifiers in order to be considered to go on a volunteer trip:


  1. The minimum length of trip must be 8 weeks or more.  If you wish to be considered for a trip shorter than this, you must either have a direct recommendation from a board member, OR you must be involved with the North American board in some capacity for one year prior to traveling.

  2. There must be a specific purpose or project that you will be going to Tanzania for. An example of purpose could be to share skills to the children at the organization.

  3. As a stipulation to volunteer with Sunrise of Life you are required to complete 3 online course (or 4 hours of equivalent) from www.disasterready.org at the discretion of the SOL board.

  4. Volunteers are required to fundraise $1500 before their trip, with all funds going directly to SOL.

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